A Day Spent by the Window

Inspired and influenced by some diary entries I read at University while I was having an existential crisis. I tried taking excerpts from diaries and adding my own feelings of sadness that we do not get to watch the marvels of nature forever.

Wild clouds and great swathes of mournful light,
Across the resplendent valley.
And rain gleams in a shower of diamond spearlets,
That dazzle my eyes.
White smoke from the water rises above the hilltops,
And is snatched by the interminable wind.
Instantaneously the rain, relentless, stops.
It has run its course, the air rinsed quite clear.
An apricot sky of flames and solemn pinks transpires,
The Sun adjourns at the end of another day.
And as I retire too, from my front row seat,
From a sight that makes me feel my immortality.
I am pervaded with wondrous melancholy.


One thought on “A Day Spent by the Window

  1. Great use of imagery and I really like how you tied the sentiment of the piece together by starting with mournful and ending with melancholy. There is a stark realization that we miss out on so much during our busy lives.

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