The Lady and the Seraph

For my wonderful Great-Grandmother, I love and miss you dearly.

One morning as day was dawning,
On a most bright, but dismal day.
The Sun shone through the curtains,
And the darkness drew away.

Sitting at the end of her bed,
Was the most remarkable of all God’s creatures.
They drew her hair from her sleeping face,
And gazed upon her delicate features.

At that most precise and perfect moment,
She opened her unknowing eyes,
And absorbed the Seraph’s illustrious face.
But to her, this was not a surprise.

‘I know why you are here, and where I am to go.’
A gentle smiled formed upon her lips.
She took the Seraph’s soothing hand,
And the Seraph was transfixed.

How gracious was the lady,
Who had smiled in the face of death.
And willingly accepted it all,
Within her expiring breath.

That day God gained an Angel,
And that Angel was she.
And I find comfort, as I firmly believe,
She’s up there, watching over me.